151019 Modeling of triaxial test, direct shear test or k0 loading test(geotechnical application)

Hi LAMMPS users,

I would like to use LAMMPS to investigate the behaviors of granular materials in geotechnical applications.

Are there any examples or codes for the tests:

  • Triaxial test

  • Direct shear test

  • Ko loading test

that I can download to study.

Thank you very much for your supports.

Truong, Q. Hung

There aren’t such specific scripts in the LAMMPS distribution. Other users

may have them and speak up. I don’t know the details

of what these tests entail.

If you write scripts to do these things you can post Qs if
it seems LAMMPS lacks some feature (e.g.a boundary condition)
needed for the model. And it will teach you how

to use LAMMPS for granular modeling, and if you contribute

the scripts, we can include them in the distro.


Look into fix wall/gran. You’ll find that if you want to use LAMMPS some of the things you are describing will not be possible without some code modification (namely your triaxial compression/I don’t know what Ko loading is). Look into using LIGGGHTS if you’d like to use some of these out of the box solutions.