2 body sw potential to 3 body sw potential

Hello, does someone know a code to calculate 3 body sw potential with the data for 2 body sw potential (it is for gallium oxynitrites)?

Thank you a lot !

You have asked essentially the same question before: GaNO Stillinger-Weber potential
So why not continue the discussion there and why start a new topic (on a topic that is not new)?

Also, you have the nomenclature wrong. You are talking about two and three element potentials. The (full) Stillinger-Weber interaction is always a combination of two-body and three-body interactions even for a single element. Of course, since you need to parameterize all permutations of two-body and three-body interactions, it gets increasingly complex to derive a full set of parameters when there are more elements.

All the advice one can give from remote, I have already given. Beyond this, yours is a problem you need to discuss with your advisor. It is the job of an advisor to give advice on your research. Trying to “hack around” your principal problem is not going to be productive.

Thank you for the advice