2019 Materials Project Workshop

We are excited to announce our fourth annual workshop for the Materials Project user community.

The main sessions ​will ​be held ​on Thursday, ​August ​1st ​and ​Friday, August ​2nd, ​2019, in the​ Banatao Auditorium (310 Sutardja Dai Hall) on ​the University ​of ​California ​Berkeley ​campus. Optional primer sessions on the Jupyter notebook environment, Python programming, and MongoDB databases will be held the day before, Wednesday, July 31st, in the same location.

​This ​workshop ​will ​focus ​on ​open-source software ​tools ​for ​data-driven ​computational ​materials ​science developed ​and ​maintained ​by ​the ​Materials ​Project. ​​Industry ​users, ​faculty, and ​students ​are ​invited ​and ​encouraged ​to ​attend. ​Any ​revenue ​from ​the ​workshop ​will ​be used ​to ​fund ​developments ​of ​the ​Materials ​Project ​capabilities.

This ​is ​a ​hands-on ​workshop. ​In ​order ​to provide ​individualized ​support, ​space ​is limited ​to ​40 ​participants ​on ​a ​first-come, first-​served ​basis.

Some feedback from last year’s workshop:

  • “I learned a lot at the workshop in general. It was a good way to get a grip on how all the parts of the Materials Project interface together!”
  • “Advanced case studies, designing materials help you learn how to actually write the code in a better fashion.”
  • “I liked the on-the-fly computer coding during the workshop! Fixing problems when you see it not after.”
  • “Following along with the online notebooks is a great way to learn interactively!”
  • “Great, clear, self-contained, relevant examples.”

Register now to reserve your spot. The tentative schedule can be found here. Looking forward to seeing you in August!

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