2D Materials Encyclopedia

It is my understanding that the 2D Materials Encyclopedia (formerly at http://www.2dmatpedia.org/) was produced in collaboration with the Materials Project (per DOI 10.1038/s41597-019-0097-3). It looks like their domain recently expired; is there some alternate way that their data could be accessed (e.g. from the Materials Project)?


Hi @DeanJ,

Some of this data is available via their MPContribs entry, including exfoliation energy, decomposition energy, etc. as well as CIF files. However, I am not certain whether this is their most up-to-date information.

@tschaume the MPContribs entry lists 60 records, is this correct?



Hi @DeanJ, I let the maintainers of 2dmatpedia know about the domain name renewal and it seems like their website is back online now. Hope this helps! Matt

Hi Matt,

Many thanks for the fast response! I can confirm access to the 2DMatpedia.


@DeanJ @mkhorton The MPContribs entry for the 2D Materials Encyclopedia now contains all 6349 materials available on the 2DMatPedia Download Page. Direct JSON/CSV downloads are provided on the MPContribs landing page. Alternatively, use the python client for the MPContribs API to query and retrieve a subset of the data.