a bug in velocity command with the version of "LAMMPS 64-bit 20160902"?

I am using LAMMPS to simulate a 3D metallic system.When I used boundary as “s s s”, the whole system will rotate.Then,I added “velocity all zero linear” and “velocity all zero angular” to the input script. I found the problem still exists when I used the version of “LAMMPS 64-bit 20160902”, but the problem can be solved when I used the version of “LAMMPS 64-bit 20160805” or “LAMMPS 64-bit 20160321”. Is it a bug?

You can measure the angular (or linear) velocity of the COM

at any timestep with a variable command and the vcm()

or omega() or angmom() functions.

See what it gives after you have initialized velocities.

Or at any timestep thereafter.