a minor bug about fix ave/time

Hi Steve,

The “fix ave/time” command maybe have a minor bug when used with the parameter “start”. The first data line of the output will be “0 nan nan…”. Both of LAMMPS (27 Oct 2011) and LAMMPS (27 Aug 2011) have the same problem.

The entire command I used is
“fix 5 all ave/time 1 1 1500 v_E_vdw v_fx v_fy v_fz file aveenergy.txt start 1000”

And the output is

Time-averaged data for fix 5

TimeStep v_E_vdw v_fx v_fy v_fz

0 -nan -nan -nan -nan


I don't use this fix, and I don't want to speak for Steve, but I
suspect it might be easier to answer the question with more
information. (If I'm wrong, then somebody else will reply to your
question.) But if nobody else replies to your question, then I
suggest you create and a small example (test-case) and post it. (Both
an input script and a data file, if you use data files. Also: while
preparing a test-case for a bug report, I sometimes figure out the
problem I was having.)

I don't think this helps much.
Good luck

Just posted a patch 9Nov11 for this bug.