A question about addtorque command

I’m currently working on a project involving the torsional property check of a nanowire. I’ve tried using the addtorque command for torsion, but it’s not working as expected. Could anyone please help me resolve this?

You will have to be more specific.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t understand what you said. Could you please clarify?

When I use the addtorque command, the code runs without error, but the torsion is not simulate in OVITO

How do you know that you are applying the fix addtorque command correctly?
We are all scientists here and thus just stating “it doesn’t work as expected” is not a scientific way to describe a problem. You have to provide all the information and details required so that somebody else can reproduce what you are doing and from that make an assessment of the situation and possibly provide some assistance in resolving your issue.

Visualization is a very insufficient indicator. What if your rate of applying the torque is too small? or the amount of torque? What if the atoms that you want to twist are kept immobile?
There are lots more possible mistakes and misconceptions.