A question about pipeline

Hi Dan

I change all my input and output file to ‘output’ directory, just as you told me to do. The pipeline showed error like this:

sh: 1: cannot open opt.in : No such file.

But when I go to error directory, I saw opt.in was there. Why it complained that no such file?

I just change the runner of TD on the base of the tarball you gave me. Thank you!



runner (12.6 KB)

Hi Jiadi,

I see on line 298 of the Test Driver executable you’ve attached that you have

cmd1=‘cb-kim.x < opt.in > opt.out’

This is the cause of the error, since opt.in is under the ‘output’ directory. Try changing it to

cmd1=‘cb-kim.x < output/opt.in > output/opt.out’

and let me know if this resolves the issue. Notice I’ve also directed opt.out into the output directory so that it’s copied into the final Test Result directory. Any files that are not copied into ‘output’ will be deleted after the Test-Model pair has finished running. I would say it’s usually good practice to keep a copy of the final input/output files that are used by a Test in the Test Result directory, although if the files are extremely large this could be impractical.