About "Brazil nut effect" system in Lammps

My name is Mizuki Koyanagi and I resarch “Brazil nut effect” in Seikei University.

The reason I am writing this e-mail to you is because I would like to know how to ask some questions about LAMMPS.

I want to develop “Brazil nut effect” system like a “Lammps movies” in Lammps wabsite.

However, I am not able to increase more an atom.

I am not able to resolve to change this code.

What would you suggest I do ?

variable name string mixer

thermo_modify flush yes
variable seed equal 14314

Hello Mizuki, please start by asking a more specific question: what part of your input does not exhibit documented behavior? In LAMMPS, every instruction is executed consecutively. Typically, one of these instructions is used to create atoms, or to read them from an external file. Which line in your input does this?

If you did not prepare the input yourself, keep in mind that now that you are running it is your input: try looking at the documentation of each command that you chose to put in.