about compute and fix chunk/atom issue

Dear Lammps experts,

This Xu Hao. I am trying to run an input file but error message was reported as:

Error: Chunk/atom compute does not exist for fix ave/chunk<…/fix_ave_chunk.cpp:333>

And the relevant part of my input files is:

compute 10 all msd
fix 91 all ave/time 1 20 100 c_10[4] file msd_600.data
compute 11 all chunk/atom bin/1d x lower 1 units reduced
fix 92 all ave/chunk 100 10 1000 c_11 density/mass ave running file density_600.data
run 100000
unfix 1
write_restart equi600.restart

Could you help to see where the probelm is? Thanks very much.


Xu Hao

Please check the doc of fix ave/chunk more carefully: the chunk ID should be given without the “c_” prefix.