about dpd in lammps

Dear Lammps:
I’m a new learner of Lammps and I am eager to know whether dissipative particle dynamics simulation in Lammps can deal with electrostatic interactions between charged dpd beads and what your suggestion is for a new starter to get familiar with Lammps, especially the dpd function, fast and efficiently.
By the way,would you like to share one copy of your dpd example by Lammps with me? I will appreciate it very much.
I am looking forward to your kind reply!
Best regards!
Yours truly
Hongyu Guo
South China University of Technology

DPD is just a pair style in LAMMPS, similar
to Lennard-Jones. If you want to put
charges on atoms and also compute Coulombic
interactions, you can, using atom_style charge
and pair_style hybrid dpd coul/cut.

Maybe somone else will post a DPD input script
for you, but if not you could just use bench/in.lj
and convert it to DPD interactions.