About NEB

Dear Steve;

Thank you for you interest and your time. I have minimize my system until it reaches a minimum energy but when i applied the NEB the problem still and I do not know why ? Can the values of Kspring in the fix neb or etol, ftol in the neb command affect ?
here it is a part of my script :
#---------------- Initial minimization to relax system -------------

minimize 1e-15 1e-15 5000 5000
reset_timestep 0
fix 1 H neb 1.0
thermo 10

#---------------- Run NEB to force tolerance -----------------------

timestep 0.001
min_style quickmin
neb 0.0 0.001 600 500 10 final final.metal

The spring forces do not get applied to the first and last replicas.

They should simply minimize as if you were not using NEB at all.