About problem using fix ave/chunk with fix srd

Dear lammps users,

Now I’m trying to simulate colloidal particles with hydrodynamics using fix srd command. The solvent particle number can reach 1.6e8. The simulation runs well. But when I used the fix ave/chunk along with compute chunk/atom command to group the solvent particles into bins to get the velocity distribution, there are some wierd error: “molandn23 error polling LP CQ with status RETRY EXCEEDED ERROR status number 12 for wr_id 61fd7c80 opcode 0 vendor error 129 qp_idx 0”. I highly suspect that the error occurs because the number of particles used for fix ave/chunk is too large, and the computation cannot proceed. How can I solve this problem? And is there some other way to get the binned velocity for srd solvent particles?

Thank you.

Ruoyu Dong

That’s not a LAMMPS error, so no idea. Does a smaller simulation

run fine? If you remove the fix ave/chunk command does it run fine?