About running lammps in windows

Dear All,

I am so sorry to abrupt you. I am a beginner of lammps. But when I run in.crack example in windows. It prompts this in log.lammps (error.jpg).
Could you tell me how to run example in windows. I have read the manual. But it doesn’t work.
Best wishes,
Yao Li


The error message is unknown command. I suggest you to check whether you have installed the related package for that command.
Here is link on how to install the package and compile lammps: https://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/Build_package.html
Besides, I recommend you to install linux OS such as Ubuntu to run lammps simulation example.

You are trying to apply “windows logic”, but LAMMPS is essentially a “unix” program that works differently.
The manual does give a good explanation, but it makes some assumptions about running text mode programs, that obviously do not apply to you.
Please have a look at the second part of this webpage http://packages.lammps.org/windows.html first and then read the manual again, starting here:

you also have to realized that there is a difference between a “LAMMPS command” and the name of an “input file” (which contains a series of LAMMPS commands). the error you are getting is because you were trying to use the latter as the former, and that cannot work.