About some discrepancy in the equations in lammps docs

Dear Lammps users,

Recently I just found that the equations describing the pair_style potentials seem to have some discrepancies. For example, in the pair_style lj/long/coul/long command, the description says E=Cq^2/(epsilon*r) is used to calculate coulombic potential. This is fine. However, in pair_style lj/cut/dipole/cut, the equation becomes E=q^2/r, and the right side apparently does not have energy unit (which is also the case for the equation to calculate dipole interaction). This is very confusing, and I don’t know how to set my charge and dipole parameters. Can anyone help me understand it?

Thank you.

Ruoyu Dong

The same C/epsilon is a multiplier in every term of the pair lj/cut/dipole/cut eqs in the code

(except Elj). It’s just not listed in the doc page eqs. I’ll make a note to add it to the docs.