about the command of ebond

Dear all,
I am running an MD simulation with lammps.I need to calculate the fracture energy of sample which is composed by many bonds. So I output the ebond via the command of thermo_style. But I don’t know what ebond can stands for ? all bond energy of sample ? The average of all bond energy ? Besides , I want to know whether I can calculate the fracture energy of sample .
May I have your suggestions ? Many thanks for your reply .

ebond is simply the sum of energies of all defined bonds
in the system, as defined by your bond_style command.

If you are breaking bonds (various ways to do that in LAMMPS),
then after a bond is broken it should not contribute to ebond.

Whether ebond is total or ave depends on the “norm” setting
for thermo output. See the thermo_modify doc page.