About the LAMMPS category

Welcome to the LAMMPS forum of the Materials Science Community Discourse

This forum is an experiment to explore an alternate way to provide support to the LAMMPS user and developer community and to facilitate exchange between LAMMPS users connect LAMMPS users with users of other materials modeling codes and tools.

The forum will exist for a while in parallel with the lammps-users mailing list and we will evaluate eventually whether one or the other should be discontinued or both should continue to coexist.

To Discourse forum software has multiple features that are not available in a mailing list:

  • There can be sub-categories dedicated to specific topics so one can choose to follow all discussions or only some.
  • Off-topic discussions can be moved to a different category (e.g. questions about Ovito) can be moved there, if that project also has a forum on the Materials Science Community Discourse or to the general discussion category. There also is the Talk category for topics that do not fit elsewhere or are of general interest.
  • When viewing a specific discussion the Discourse forum software will display a list of discussions about similar topics at the bottom thus making it easier to find additional information.
  • People can “like” well formulated and instructive questions and answers. Those discussions have a higher priority when related topics are shown.
  • People can follow up on discussions that happened before they joined.

To organize discussions we have created multiple sub-categories:

  • LAMMPS Beginners: for people that are new to LAMMPS
  • LAMMPS Development: for questions about changing LAMMPS or adding new features
  • LAMMPS Installation: for questions about compiling or installing LAMMPS
  • General Discussion: for all other topics
  • Mailing List Mirror: an archive of the lammps-users mailing list

The LAMMPS Developers.