About the openkim potential

Dear all,
I want to use edip/c potential in openkim to simulate the frictional behavior of carbon surfaces, and I want to use this potential with other potential like Lennard-Jones or EAM potential. Can I achieve this? And I have noticed that the edip potential does not include lennard-Jones potential, So is this potential suitable for the study of frictional behavior?
Thanks for your advise!

Shusen Guo

LAMMPS has hybrid pair styles for mixed potential usage, but that is always inferior to using a single pair style unless the added pair style was specifically designed for it or is fully complementary (in case of hybrid/overlay). It requires a lot of care and careful testing to be used in a meaningful way.

That is really a topic for a discussion with the creators of that potential and authors of the corresponding publication(s). It most certainly is not a LAMMPS question. At best a question for the OpenKIM folks, but they will probably tell you the same.

Hi akohlmey,
Really appreciate for your advice!
Shusen Guo