Accessing a variable in a fix

Hi Everyone,

I have a code based on the sediFoam framework that couples lammps and
openfoam. I want to calculate cumulative fluid-particle interaction
forces using the codes below but the accumForce_ array has NaN's instead
of values.

In short forces are transfered to lammps using the '
lammps_put_local_info ' function, calculated via the FixFluidDrag
function and then forces are retreived via the ' lammps_get_local_info '

Can anybody help me with this? Sorry for the long post, please let me
now if there's a better way to share source code in the future.

Thanks in advance for your help,



Since this isn’t LAMMPS code, folks here are not likely

to look at it in detail. I think you need to narrow

this down on your end to a specific LAMMPS Q.