Adapting pair potential (2006) for current version


I am new to LAMMPS with basic C++ knowledge and am trying to adapt a pair potential written for the 2006 version of LAMMPS to be used with the current version. I am running into trouble with the following lines (and other similar ones) from the pair potential:


(Where i is an int incremented in a for loop.)

In the 2006 version, numneigh, numneigh_inner, and numneigh_middle are initialized in neighbor.h. In the current version they are initialized elsewhere (neigh_list.h, neigh_respa.cpp) and I am unsure how the above code can be altered to perform the intended action.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Amanda Fujii
Graduate Student Researcher
UCLA - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept.

See pair_lj_cut.cpp which uses all the rRESPA neighbor lists,
for how it is done.