Adding energy flux in the AtC package


I want to use the ATC user package to simulate the irradiation of a metal surface with laser beam, and I met some problems when dealing with the energy flux adding process.
I want to add energy to the surface with the following commands.
fix_modify AtC creat_faceset
fix_modify AtC transfer fix_flux <face_set><value/function>

(1)First,I’m running a TTM model, it said in the manual that the “field” limits to "temperature"or “electron_temperature”, what do you mean by “temperature” and “electron_temperature” field? Does it mean I can only define temperature with this commands? I can’t define a flux? Or it’s just a name which represent the energy flux Or some other things?

The Two Temperature Model (TTM) has two independent temperature fields: one for phonons and one for electrons. When you apply a flux, you must specify which field it is being applied to, otherwise it would be ambiguous where you wanted the energy.

We use the standard definition for a flux: energy per area per time. You have correctly identified the ATC units base you should use. Note however you are specifying a source, not a flux with the command. A source is a volumetric energy source, i.e., energy per volume per time.