Adding forces to bonds


I am currently using the Peridynamics module and am trying to add a force to each bond, to cause an increase or decrease in atom distances, I have implemented this in the compute method in the peridynamics module but I am also hoping there is an input file way of adding a force axially to bonds in a group. Any suggestions will be welcome I have looked through the documentation but I haven’t found anything that I can use. I was hoping someone would know a combination of commands to add these forces.

Thank you

input file way of adding a force axially to bonds in a group

If by this, you mean add a force along the bonds, there is
no constraint like that currently in LAMMPS. You could easily
write a fix to do this, assuming the fix will know where the
bonds are. Since these are Peridynamics bonds, they are not stored
the same as harmonic, FENE,
etc bonds in a bonded molecule. They are really just neighbors that
PD has defined and which it will break when it wants to. PD stores
them in an auxiliary fix it creates, called PER_NEIGH. So I suppose
your new fix could query the data structures stored by that fix
to deduce the list of bonds.