AIREBO: Small error in pair_airebo.cpp

I was looking around inside the code for the AIREBO pair potential
(version 3May12) when I found, by chance, what appears to be some
missing curly brackets. In pair_airebo.cpp, around line 720:

      if (rij > rljmax){
         slw = 0.0;
         dslw = 0.0;}
      else if (rij > rljmin){
         drij = rij - rljmin;
         swidth = rljmax - rljmin;
         tee = drij / swidth;
         tee2 = pow (tee,2);
         slw = 1.0 - tee2 * (3.0 - 2.0 * tee);
         dslw = 6.0 * tee * (1.0 - tee) / rij / swidth;
      else // curly brackets missing?
         slw = 1.0;
         dslw = 0.0;
     //curly brackets missing?

The consequence is that dslw is always zero. It's minor but maybe it
messes up contributions to the force from the Lennard-Jones term:

      dVLJ = dvdw * slw + vdw * dslw;


yes - I posted a patch for this last Friday. I whacked
your email before responding to you, so I'm glad
you posted to the list. I've also passed this on
the Steve Stuart's group and they are going
to do some further tests to see if this affects some
other small discrepancies between their version
and the LAMMPS version of AIREBO.

Good catch on this bug - it's been there since May 2011
when the Stuart group sent us an updated version with
other bug fixes.