Ambiguous Run Type

Counter over unique run types returns:
‘GGA’: 89083, ‘GGA+U’: 32274, ‘None or LDA’: 2333, ‘None or LDA+rVV10’: 571, ‘None or LDA+U’: 254.
While LDA is perfectly reasonable, the 'None or ’ prefix is rather obscure, what is it supposed to mean?

Hi @Lsky,

This is a bug in the database. There was likely an issue with one of the calculation parsing routines that didn’t recognize a parameter as valid. We think we’ve found the source of the bug and have prioritized it for the next DB release.

Hi @shyamd,

In the meantime, should those be treated as ‘LDA’, ‘LDA+rVV10’, 'LDA+U respectively, or there is a possibility for them being mixed with each other?

Hi @Lsky,

They should be none of those. They should be either GGA+U if there is oxygen or fluorine in the composition. Otherwise they are GGA.

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