Applying "fix rigid" & "fix move" at the same time

Dear Users and Developers,
In my model I have a mobile rigid wall (so fix rigid should be used).
Moreover, in x direction it should experienced time dependent movement (so fix move should be used) and in y direction it should move freely by the external pressure and interaction of other groups.
So, What is the problem!!
In documentation of “FIX MOVE” mentioned :
The atoms affected by this fix should not normally be time integrated by other fixes (e.g. fix nve, fix nvt), since that will change their positions and velocities twice*

And In documentation of "FIX RIGID " mentioned :

You should not update the atoms in rigid bodies via other time-integration fixes (e.g. fix nve, fix nvt, fix npt), or you will be integrating their motion more than once each timestep.

So how can I apply these two command at the same time?

You might be able to do the following, haven’t tried it:

Use fix move to specify x movement (e.g. NULLS for
y,z args) - see the fix move doc page for details.

Use fix riigid with the x force turned off - see its doc page.

I think the fix move command will need to be specified
2nd (after the fix rigid command), so that it operates last.

This might not do the right thing with the x component
of the rigid body center-of-mass. Not sure if that will
be a problem.

Also, just ignore the warning on integrating some atoms twice.