Applying pressure by using variables as force components in fix aveforce command

Dear all,

I use “fix aveforce” to apply pressure on a rigid wall (group cp). Water is pushed by such a rigid wall. The x-direction pressure is applied by a variable “Force”

variable NumCP equal 1246
variable Force equal ramp(0,0.01)
variable PressCom equal v_Forcev_NumCP/(lz224.61)/0.143931e4

fix 4 cp aveforce v_Force NULL NULL

The part for applying pressure in the input script is given as below:

Your script is complex. I suggest you debug it by doing
things one step at a time. Apply the aveforce as a constant value.
Look at the dynamics.
Look at the output of the fix directly (not thru fix ave time and a variable
and then output). Then try using a variable instead of a value. See
if there is any difference. Etc.