atc questions

Dear All,
I am using LAMMPS (14 Feb 2014) and have some questions about atc :

1.I’ve been working with AtC package for a while and I found that this package concentrate on thermal conduction problems.I wonder whether AtC package can be used to solve mechanical problems?If yes ,what kind of mechanical problems?

2.I want to couple FE with MD simulations to solve some mechanical problems .I want to apply FE simulation in the most regions to get a large scale of stress field and in some regions I am interested, I want to apply MD simulation to get the destroy phenomena in the nano scale.I wonder whether Atc package can realize what I mean?

Thank you very much for your answer

Hello Wurong,

AtC supports mechanical problems using the elastic keyword. You can see some examples in the atc examples elastic directory, which will give you an idea of the problems we’ve tried with the package. As to whether AtC can do what you want, that requires you to precisely specify what you want and to spend some time understanding the code and methods.