atom deposition_segmentation fault (core dumped)

Hello everyone!
I want to simulation the process of Ag atoms depositing onto ZnO substrate.
I used the commands of “fix deposit” or “velocity” to control Ag atom to deposit. But in the atoms depostion, “segmentation fault (core dumped)” appears in output screen, and the program stoped. I used to change the timestep and depositing velocity, but it cannot sovle the problem.

This is my log file.


​your log file shows several *extremely* short simulation segments (only
10s of MD steps) until you start depositing.
you should rather start with equilibrating your "host" system. it looks
like your system picks up a lot of kinetic energy in just a few time steps.
that hints that your system is far from equilibrium and possibly your
initial geometry not entirely correct. have you visualized it? has you
discussed your simulation setup with somebody local?

after your system is equilibrated, does it conserve total energy (and
kinetic energy) well enough when running without a thermostat?

i would not recommend starting deposition of atoms before you have a well
working and equilibrated substrate.