Atom IDs must be consecutive for velocity create loop all

I don't understand fully what "Atom IDs must be consecutive for velocity create loop all" means.

It means what it says. Check out the documentation of the velocity
command for details. It also tells you what alternatives exist and
what their impact is.

It seems that data file is fine and minimize using it works well.
But if I use the restart file from this job which was based on MPI, it showed the error.

What does consecutive mean in detail and what should be modified to get correct consecutive ID?

It means that you must have lost se atoms somewhere or didn't assign
proper tags. It has nothing to do with MPI or whether minimize works.

Is it possible MPI mess up the consecutiveness though the data file is fine?

No. You are looking for a problem in the wrong places.


Consecutive means you have N atoms and their
IDs range from 1 to N. This is not a requirement of
LAMMPS in general (your atom IDs can be whatever
you want), but it is to use that option of the velocity