Atom kinetic energy too high for fix electron/stopping

Hi ,
when I use fix electron/stopping I have a problem with this.
It’s OK for 5 Kev but for 15 Kev show this error:

“Atom kinetic energy too high for fix electron/stopping”

I have a table in range of 10 eV to 10 Mev. Is it related to the potential file? or has other reasons?


You have at least one atom with a kinetic energy that is higher than your table supports it. That is the symptom, the cause for it only you can know because it is you that is setting up the simulation.
You can use compute ke/atom to monitor the kinetic energy of individual atoms.

Yes I did that same as you said.
But I have a problem. My “Dt” is decreasing instead of increasing.
And it’s main problem. While ke/atom decreasing.

I don’t understand what you are asking here.

Can this error be related to the potential file? Or does it just depend on the table?

I know nothing about your simulation, so I cannot say.

Thanks again for your help.