Atom type increment and potential files compatibility

I have 4 atom types (1,3 for Cu and 2,4 for Zr) in the data-file. I also have a potential file defined for Cu and Zr (2 type of atoms). I want LAMMPS to treat 1 and 3 as exactly same type of atom (Cu) and 2 and 4 as exactly same type of atom (Zr) for simulation purpose. As much as I know it can be done with the set command , but I’m afraid it will change the 4 atom type to 2 atom types permanently and dump will contain only 2 atom types. However, I want all the (all 4) initial atom types to be preserved in dump outputs. What should I do??

I’m attaching the relevant documents here.
script_compression (1.6 KB)
Cu-Zr_2.eam.fs (2.2 MB)
datafile_for_compaction.txt (9.5 KB) (truncated due to file size issue).

The set command changes the atom type.

You need to use the pair_coeff command — LAMMPS documentation to map atom types to potential parameters. For an eam/fs potential file, the mapping is required for all defined atom types, regardless of whether they are used or not.