I think this file (atom_vec_ellipsoid.h) is no longer in the SVN repo (both Axel's mirror and the sandia internal) but it is still referenced by a number of files:
> grep atom_vec_ellipsoid *.cpp
atom.cpp:#include "atom_vec_ellipsoid.h"
compute_property_atom.cpp:#include "atom_vec_ellipsoid.h"
fix_rigid.cpp:#include "atom_vec_ellipsoid.h"
read_data.cpp:#include "atom_vec_ellipsoid.h"
set.cpp:#include "atom_vec_ellipsoid.h"

as usual, I could be entirely mistaken about this, but our nightly tests started to break Saturday and I've manually checked with a new build from the mirror as well as from the internal SVN repo.


as soon as I clicked send, I found:
> find . -name atom_vec_ellipsoid.h

did the file move? I don't think I build with yes-asphere


I see the problem now - atom_vec_ellipsoid needs to be moved into
the main src dir from ASPHERE, since a few generic files now reference its
internal data structure.