Atomeye screen not displayed

Dear all,
I am using windows with cygwin to run my lammps program.
I tried using atomeye to visualize my configuration.
So I installed cygwin X and ran the xserver.
Then downloaded A.exe from atomeye website.
Everything looks to be ok till I run xterm.
When I give ./A.exe filename, no window pops up.
No error is also displayed.
I am not sure why it is happening so. Is there any system requirements for using atomeye?
Kindly help me come out of this issue.
Thank you.


IMO, the best/simplest/quickest solution is to run linux from usb stick (if you don’t want to install it).


sindu bs <[email protected]…24…> 15 октября 2014 г. 17:53:12 написал: