Atomistic Simulations for Industrial Needs Workshop - Aug 1-3, 2018 (Rockville, MD)

Hi LAMMPS Users-

I would like to point your attention to the following workshop that might be of particular interest to this community. Registration is free, but limited. Registration closes July 23, 2018. Non-US citizens will be required to fill out a NIST visitors form (will be sent to you).

Atomistic Simulations for Industrial Needs Workshop
August 1-3, 2018

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)
9700 Great Seneca Hwy, Rockville, MD 20850


Atomistic simulations are increasingly being used as a tool to understand and predict properties of materials. The purpose of this workshop is to facilitate interactions between researchers in industry, academia, and government on issues related to the development and use of interatomic interaction potentials. Such issues include accuracy, standardization, evaluation methods, and exchange of data an information. Participants in this workshop should include representatives from academia, national labs and the automotive, aerospace, materials design and software, and advanced materials industries.
Workshop Format

Part 1 (August 1st-2nd): Traditional oral presentations with ample time for discussion

This will be a series of 30 minute (20 minute talk + 10 minute discussion) lectures detailing current progress/needs in the following areas related to atomistic simulation:
* The state of elemental and alloy interatomic potentials, including transferability
* Current use cases and applications of interest
* Analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and uncertainty quantification
* The use of atomistic methods as inputs for higher-level physics models
* Open-source and commercial software and tools

Part 2 (August 3rd): Hack-a-thon working groups addressing important topics
This will be a working meeting focused on adopting new technology or addressing pressing issues within the domain. Key topics will be identified by the participants, but topics could include:
* Data publication, exchange, and repositories
* Interoperability of tools and information across projects
* Increasing the availability and accessibility of community resources

* Lucas Hale, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Material Measurement Laboratory
* James Hickman, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Material Measurement Laboratory
* Shawn Coleman, US Army Research Laboratory, Ceramic and Transparent Materials Branch
* David Elbert, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Register online:

Thanks for the information. I am interested. Just wondering is this one totally free or need some pay for some extra course? Thanks again.

HI Hao and all-

Thanks for your interests. There is no cost for registration but there are limited number of seats in theory. The participants would be expected to pay for their own travel and accommodations.


Dear Dr. Coleman

Just registered for it. Hope there can be a chance to attend the workshop. Thanks again for your information.