ave/spatial problem

Hello, LAMMPS users!
In this example LAMMPS does not write anything in the output file,
but I have even more steps than needed for ave/spatial.
What could be a problem?
Thanks in advance!

Dear Alexander, fixes are run on timesteps that are multiples of Nfreq. In your case, ave/spatial runs on timesteps that are multiples of 10000. Because you run for 3000 steps before defining the fix, the counter starts at t=3000. LAMMPS tries to do the averaging at t=10000, but only 7000 steps have elapsed, so you don’t have enough data points (you’ve specified Nrepeat=8000). If you use either “reset_timestep 0” after “run 3000”, or change the values of Nrepeat and Nfreq, you should see some output.