benzene rigid thermostat

Well, I think it is a great honor for me to have a such professional reply. Thank you very much in the first. The reason why I want to use berendsen thermostat is that I think it is a replacement for minimization.
I read your code at github. Normally I write in and data file by myself, so I take some time to learn the use of moltemplate.
For now, I have tested your ethylene+benzene example and I just feel confused by so many kinds of atom, bond, angle, dihedral type in this example.
In my test file for benzene, because I dont know the right number of bond, angle, dihedral potential parameters, I want to use fix rigid. If I can know the exact parameters, fix rigid is not my first option. I see someone have bond and angle fixed using OPLS-AA force field, but in gromacs, not in lammps. As I said before, I have tested and using fix shake for bond and angle of benzene is not possible in lammps.
Can you help me with the confusion of your data parameters?
Thanks in advance.