Big size particle

Hi all,

     i am a beginner in LAMMPS simulation package. I have a bead-spring
system, embedded in a solvent.I have started with a smallest system
where 3 point particles are connected by harmonic springs. Now I want
to include a particle (type 2)in my system which will have
hydrodynamic interaction with the triplet .But that particle is not a
point like particle. its bigger in size than the beads (which are
connected). Its possible if i consider a close cluster of point like
particles as a bigger particle. But my query is whether is it
possible in some other ways ? Please inform. thanks in advance.


Almost all particles used in MD are point particles. Their
effective size is determined by the potential you use to interact
them other particles. E.g. in a LJ potential, sigma is the size
of the particle. So you can likely do what you want by choosing
appropriate potential parameters.