Bond/Angle/Dihedral indices

Dear Lammps Developers

Would it be okay if I suggest some improvement in the manual (which already is informative and tremendous by the way). I understand that it is almost impossible to add everything such that it tailors to every user. However, the changes are confined to mainly reading/writing data which is not confined to a few users.

As I understand, the bond IDs change as simulation progresses since it depends on which processors own the local atoms. Hence, while writing the data using write_data, the bond/angle/dihedral IDs that were given initially may be different (but the bond/angle/dihedral types and the atom IDs the bonds/angles/dihedrals are connected to remain the same). Please correct me if I am wrong.

For write_data/read_data, it would be helpful for a novice (who checks carefully) to understand that the topology IDs (bond/angles/dihedrals) may change as simulation progresses. This is given in (but not in read_data/write_data documentation - It would be great, if it can be made clear in write_data section that the topology IDs that is written out to the file may differ from the initial input prior to running LAMMPS.


Vaidyanathan M S