Bonds in reaxff

in my simulation i use reaxff//bonds to export file 。in the file i find some atom (aluminnum)have many bonds . some bond order of Nth bond sometime is just 0.3
and atom bond order (sum of all bonds) sometime is big like 8
could i have some way to prevent small order bonds created.

         the reaxff field form a published paper . the  simulation of paper is similar with my simulation

The fix reaxff/bonds command uses the cutoff values as they are used during the calculation.
The cutoff in question here is the bond_graph_cutoff which defaults to 0.3. It can be set via a control file. But mind you, this will change the force field, so you must confirm with the publication describing your parameter file what setting should be used. If the default is to be used, then the result you see is the result predicted by the parameter file, whether you like it or not.