Broken link to documentation

I was going through the MatMiner tutorial from the 2020 workshop with interest and when I attempted to search for the table of featurizers mention in the tutorial via Google (as shown in the video), the table didn’t come up. I then moved to the github page for matminer and noted the link to documentation at the bottom of the page. The link redirects to the lbl website which unfortunately comes back with a 404 site not found error. Where is the documentation located and where can I find the list of featurizers that I was initially searching for? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi Paul,

We will look into this (some of the pages went down after branch renaming). In the meantime the best is to just navigate to the docs folder of the matminer repo (after downloading on Github) and opening “index.html” on your browser which will allow you to browse the docs internally on your computer.

@ardunn - do you know what might have happened? I checked the Github pages setting for branch and it seems OK to me.

Seems to be working for me?

@Paul_Fons table of featurizers is located at Table of Featurizers — matminer 0.6.5 documentation and is autogenerated.

If it is still not working for you let me know and I’ll look more into it

Strange, this seems to have “fixed itself” … maybe GH pages just takes a bit to update default branch