Bug fix release v1.4.1

Dear KIM Community,

I'm happy to let you know that I have just released openkim-api-v1.4.1.

This is a bug fix and documentation update release which also contains a number of fixes/improvements to the Make system.

The change log entry is:
=== openkim-api-v1.4.1 ==================================================

* Added additional compiler flags to support differences between GCC and INTEL

* Fixed examples that used set_data when they should have used set_method.

* Added LDLIBS flag in split functionality of LDFLAGS variable more
   appropriately. This is more inline with standard Makefile practice.

* Now 32Bit and 64Bit settings add -m32 and -m64 compiler flags

* Added KIM_MAKE_VERBOSITY setting to Make system

* Updates to README, INSTALL, and Templates

* Make system improvements and fixes

* Added checks for known buggy compilers

* Updated and corrected documentation


Ryan Elliott