Bug in downloading Pourbaix Diagram

When I try to download the Pourbaix diagram from this page:

I get the same error regardless of download format (pdf, svg, or png): 413: entitty too large.

I’m using Firefox 88.0, and Firefox does give me a security warning about the download request being sent over an insecure connection.

Hi @BishopBerkeley,

This is a limitation with Highcharts, which does a server-side request. We’re switching over to Plotly in our new website which has a simpler download mechanism. However, until then you’ll either have to (a) take a screenshot or (b) create the Pourbaix diagram yourself with pymatgen in a Jupyter notebook to export, which is what our app is using behind the scenes.



Thank you. Accessing the data via a different path resulted in success, but I look forward to the new web site, nevertheless. This project is truly stellar.

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Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Hi,I had tha same problem as you,I really want to konw how you solved it in the end.

The entire pourbaix diagram generation has changed since last year. It looks like you must use a screen capture to download the diagram. The download option is no longer offered because the system generates interactive diagrams.