Bug in downloading Pourbaix Diagram

When I try to download the Pourbaix diagram from this page:

I get the same error regardless of download format (pdf, svg, or png): 413: entitty too large.

I’m using Firefox 88.0, and Firefox does give me a security warning about the download request being sent over an insecure connection.

Hi @BishopBerkeley,

This is a limitation with Highcharts, which does a server-side request. We’re switching over to Plotly in our new website which has a simpler download mechanism. However, until then you’ll either have to (a) take a screenshot or (b) create the Pourbaix diagram yourself with pymatgen in a Jupyter notebook to export, which is what our app is using behind the scenes.



Thank you. Accessing the data via a different path resulted in success, but I look forward to the new web site, nevertheless. This project is truly stellar.

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Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: