Bug in triple-quoted text with "print" command

I found an odd bug in LAMMPS’s triple-quote parsing. The following is an entire file:

print """Hello
How are you?"""

print '''Hello

The first one (using double-triple quotes) works fine; the second (using single-triple quotes) gives the error message

ERROR: Input line quote not followed by white-space (../input.cpp:513)
Last command: print '''Hello"

I don’t think that is a bug, but intentional behavior. The wording in the description in 5.2. Parsing rules for input scripts — LAMMPS documentation is a bit ambiguous, but the provided example only shows the first kind of triple quotes (using double quotes) and not the second (using single quotes).

I stand corrected! My brain took the “or” out when reading it, so I thought it said “single or double triple quotes” (which would be ‘’’ or “”" in my head). I see what it means now, bug report withdrawn.

I have since updated the manual to make the description less ambiguous. It was published a few minutes ago.