BUG? : when run a command "mpirun -np -x" , often don't start calculation.

If, I’m sorry when I also reported the direction of others.

I had to be as it is frozen in a state that does not start is calculated when an attempt is made to execute the command “mpirun -np -x” on command line.

It has confirmed that is calculated Once off the option.

Is this would a bug?

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It’s hard to understand what you’re asking! Are you using some translation services for writing this email?!


The standard way of running a LAMMPS simulation using MPI is the following command line:

“mpirun -np N ./lmp_foo -in INPUT”

where lmp_foo is your LAMMPS executable, copied or symbolic linked to the current directory, and INPUT is your input file. Try a standard example shipped with LAMMPS for starters, for example, the “in.melt” example in “LAMMPS_DIR/examples/melt” directory.

You can also start with running it on just one processor:

./lmp_foo -in INPUT

to make sure your LAMMPS compilation is working.

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