Bulit LAMMPS with USER- Package on centos system (HPC) which is centralized for all users

I want to build LAMMPS with some USER Package on the supercomputer… Anyone can help me with the steps. how to build LAMMPS with the required package.
Thank You

There are no more “USER” packages in the current LAMMPS version of the LAMMPS source distribution.
If you want to build LAMMPS with an external USER package, you have to contact the authors of that package.

General (and rather detailed) installation instructions (including details for any package included in the LAMMPS distribution) are provided in the LAMMPS manual.

If you want a personal tutor, you have to say so. Chances are generally slim for that.

Otherwise, you have to provide more details, use the current LAMMPS version (or explain why this is not possible), describe which specific package(s) you want to include and describe the exact steps you did and where you get errors.