Calculation results

I can click detail to view my calculation process on the dashboard, but how can I view my calculation results such as bandstructure?

For example, the attached image is the completed calculation. I click detail to view the detailed calculation process, but I don’t find how to view my calculation results( bandstucture, density of states etc.).

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We’ve identified a missing piece in our process for taking the raw results and producing the organized data for the website. This was to due an incomplete upgrade of one component. The fix should be implemented shortly. Thank you for your patience. Normally, it should be the case that fully processed results will be accessible via a link within 24 hours after the calculation is “completed”, as indicated by the message(s) in your dashboard that you included in your screenshot. For example, you submitted a polymorph of P2O5 previously that both completed and now shows a link to the corresponding material on our site.

That being said, you can get the (very) raw data for a completed calculation at any time by clicking on one of the nodes in the workflow detail diagram, clicking on the fw_id link under Step Details, and inspecting from there. You can download all details as text by appending “/details” to the URL (e.g. corresponds to a completed GGA band structure run for one of your submitted compounds).

Again, normally all of your calculation details are processed into a “pretty” format, with a direct link from your dashboard – we identified a technical issue that should be resolved shortly. Ping us again tomorrow if this hasn’t been resolved for you.

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