Call for proposal for 2021 ICTP Scientific programmes

Dear LAMMPS users,

The International Centre for Theoretical Physics just posted their annual call for proposals for ICTP activities at

In the past we had multiple requests for doing LAMMPS workshops in other locations than the USA (i.e. in New Mexico) and we had already one very successful LAMMPS workshop hosted at ICTP and I have done some informal tutorials for local scientists over the years. So a proposal for another LAMMPS or LAMMPS-related workshop would likely be looked at positively.

There are two ways to set up such activities: 1) hosted at ICTP in Trieste and 2) hosted at your home institution (especially if it is in a developing country).

Option 1) is also attractive for people not from developing countries, as ICTP activities are usually open to participants from all countries. Only financial support is restricted to participants from developing countries. Option 2) is particularly attractive to propose, if you can show, that you can provide access to a suitable location for lectures and exercises (usually means being at a large enough academic institution), can cover some of the local expenses (e.g. refreshments, affordable accommodation) and there is a significant demand in your country/region.

In both cases, it would be also helpful to find sponsors that would support the event (in the past we had support for hardware or software vendors or startup grants given to new faculty by their institution).

I’d be happy to answer further questions off-list, if you are seriously interested, and provide advice and coordination with ICTP scientists that will help to set things up and explain the details and requirements.