Can I combine the pair_style colloid with the fix langvin?

Hi, everyone. I want to simulate the aggregaion process of TiO2 nanoparticles by Brownian dynamic simulations. Can I use the pair_style colloid to calculate the particle-particle interaction?
In pair style of colloid, I want to calculate the colloid-colloid interaction (excluding the colloid-solvent and solvent-solvent interaction). Thus, should I write the input like as,

pair_style colloid 500
pair_coeff * * 26 1.0 200 200 500 #26 is the Hamaker constant between the P25 TiO2 nanoparticles; 1.0 is the size sigma of solvent (is it wrong? should i set it as zero?)

And, will the simulation meet the error “overlapping large/large in pair colloid”?
Thank very much
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Whether pair colloid is a good choice for your model is

up to you. It is used to model nanoparticles generally.

You can use fix langevin with pair colloid.

You won’t have errors if you setup a valid model

and run with reasonable parameters.