Can I download the phonon spectrum data by API

I find a phonon pectrum data ( basaed on the Materials Project data. Can I download the phonon spectrum data by API.

The phonon data from the Materials Project can be downloaded using MPRester get_phonon_dos_by_material_id method and get_phonon_bandstructure_by_material_id method.



Hi @jurong,

Those phonon calculations are performed by the PHONOPY team at Kyoto University and are not associated with the Materials Project. They use our structures as a starting point and ID. Please refer to that website to acquire their phonon spectra. We have our set of phonon spectra computed using ABINIT, which is what Matt is referring to.

There is less information about phonons in the database. Can I extract task_ id and phonon information from all structures containing phonons at one time? Or can I extract the task_id of the structure and know the dynamic stability of the structure?

The has key is useful for an initial query to find out which mp-ids have phonons available.