Can lammps calculate solubility parameter of polymer?

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Dear axel,

Thank you so much for your kind reply.
I read some papers on DPD, and found they
calculated Van Krevelen solubility paremeter
with Compass force field. I check with latest
LAMMPS manual, and didn't know which
command to use to compute the components
needed for computing Van Krevelen solubility
parameter. Can you please give me a hint.Thank you.

i have to repeat what i wrote before. lammps will
only provide the components for what you need.
there will never by a command to just do what
you want. you have to figure out yourself what
constitutes your desired property, how you get
to those parameters and then compute your
property. to give an example from a different
context: the lammps program will provide you
with the basic tools to paint a painting, but it
will not automatically create a mona lisa for you.
this part you have to figure out for yourself.